How does One More Verse work?

Each Week Day:


Each week day you will receive an email outlining a short reading assignment and a few questions pertaining to that passage. Typically, you will read about ten minutes worth of Scripture.


While reading the selected passages, consider these questions, in addition to the ones listed for that assignment:

  • What is happening in this passage?
  • What words, phrases, or ideas seem particularly important?
  • What does this text teach you about the gospel?


After reading the passage, use these questions to direct a time of personal reflection:

  • What sin(s) do I need to repent of and/or avoid?
  • What truth(s) do I need to believe?
  • What command(s) do I need to obey (what do I need to give up, stop doing, start doing, or continue doing)?
  • What principle(s) need to change the way I think, speak, and/or act, and how will I implement this change?
  • What relationship(s) do I need to establish, strengthen, or change?
  • By the power of God’s Spirit, what can I do today to apply God’s Word to my life?


Pray according to the text, asking God to change your heart, mind, attitudes, actions, and relationships based on what He has shown you in His Word. You can use the letters P-R-A-Y as a guide. (Adapted from "A Simple Guide to Family Worship" from The Church at Brook Hills)

  • Praise – Worship God for who He is.
  • Repent – Confess your sin to God and acknowledging your need for Jesus.
  • Ask – Intercede for particular needs in your life and other’s lives.
  • Yield – Surrender your life to following Jesus wherever and however He leads you.



One of the benefits of today's technology is the ability to meet together over great distances and we want to take advantage of that to build a community that studies the scripture. On the second week, and each subsequent week, you will receive an invitation to join a Google Hangout during which John will talk about what we have read over the previous week. We plan to take questions during the hangout and hope to respond to as many as permitted during that time.